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Sick child


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So you see, there are many  things  we offer. It all varies from age to age and in sickness and in health.

I suppose the most important thing we try to offer is a team  that truly cares.

Young Adult

Quick same day office availability

Doctor can be reached directly- no answering service

Tools to intervene with chronic problems

Accurate blood testing, throat cultures, urine analysis, urine culture, mononucleosis testing, flu testing  all designed to provide the most precise diagnosis possible

Ready availability of  outside labs for testing  beyond what is offered at the office

Avoidance of  antibiotic over use

An excellent relationship with local hospitals for medical issues that are beyond the scope of the office setting  or during  closed office  hours

Clear cut explanations on the illness at hand

Deliberate attempts to stave off disease: as an example flu shots, and immunotherapies

It would be nearly impossible to list all that we provide by way of medical, psychological and emotional support. The realm of Pediatric Medicine is complex by the nature of its broad scope with both the patient’s age and the unquestionable role parents and caregivers play. This multidimensional ever changing environment prevents the concise depiction of what we offer.

Be that as it may, below are yet some of what we offer to our families.

We care for children from birth to 23 years of age.

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Much of the above, but by now a trusting relationship is established, where a greater level of comfort and ease makes doctor’s visit a stress free event. Actually, most patients look forward to their office encounters

Sports oriented checkups

EKG for athletic children starting at age 11 years (or earlier should family history or concerns prevail).

Sports, school, camp forms

Teaching on breast cancer or testicular cancer for all adolescents

Treatment of acne

Identifying psychological or psychiatric issues as they arise

Scoliosis evaluation and quick intervention where warranted

Counseling on diet, drugs and personal issues with emphasis on resolution

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The Sick Child



The Newborn

​Understanding of the toddler mind

Behavioral modification strategies

Psych 101: Pavlov, tough love and temper tantrums

Surveillance of both physical and intellectual growth 

Advice on health care issues: dental care, swim lessons,  car safety and home safety

Identification of strengths or weaknesses- with the aim to address these issues

Immunotherapy when required, along with school forms for enrollment

Psychological support for both parent and child

A clean, safe office environment

Blood pressure, height and weight evaluations

Very accurate blood testing, along with urine analysis and cholesterol testing (suggested yearly) starting at two years of age

Annual check up

Ear Washing

Comprehensive school readiness physical evaluation- the "5 year checkup and shots."

Immunization forms (blue forms)

Physical and athletic forms for school entry (yellow form)

Nutritional counseling wherever warranted

Advice on care of newborns whether  premature or full term

Appropriate follow up on newborn issues, for example jaundice

Information packets and references design to facilitate the care  infants

Breast feeding coaching

Identification of post partum depression and therapies available

Immunotherapy (shots) of the highest integrity direct from the manufacturer

An understanding of shots offered

Evaluation of milestones at every visit

Supremely accurate measurements and growth assessments at every visit

Feeding advice

WIC clearance

Coaching on behavioral issues of infants

Feeding schedules designed to make feedings  a natural healthy progression

Careful monitoring of plagiocephaly or areas of physical developmental concerns

Ready access to talented  trusted sub-specialist available to address concerns

Reminders of subsequent visits

PKU testing



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United Health Care

*We accept other insurance plans not listed. Please contact us. ​​​